Outdoor Voices: Brand Review

Outdoor Voices is an Austin, Texas-based yoga clothing brand specializing in female yoga pants and female athletic crop-tops. They have locations in Texas, Colorado, New York, and California and are priced moderately high. Their style is bold, yet minimalist, which is perfect for the yoga studio, the gym, or out and about. Outdoor Voices’ clothing line is very complimentary, so finding clothing outside of the brand is a bit difficult if you want it to match. For the clothing and versatility, I give Outdoor Voices ⅗ stars.

As for customer service, I am very impressed by Outdoor Voices. I first contacted them during the ever so busy holiday season in December, and they were the first to respond, responding in less than three business days. I was absolutely amazed and because of this, I give Outdoor Voices’ customer service 5 stars.

Outdoor voices is a comparatively very eco-friendly company. To start, they work “find unique ways to reduce, reuse, recycle.” One of their unique ways to recycle is they use “lightweight Rec Poly (recycled polyester) fabric,” which is made from recycled water bottle fibers. For their Merino line, Outdoor Voices has partnered with Global Merino, which sources sustainably sourced wool. Outdoor voices also works to reduce their waste through their Seamless collection, which is sewn as a tube, rather than cut then sewn together. This reduces their waste by producing no scraps. They also strive build clothing to last a lifetime, thus reducing the waste created by worn-out clothing. In stores, Outdoors Voices offers reusable totes to customers and free water bottles to their team members. As for Outdoor Voices eco-friendliness, I give them a ⅗, because they are are not explicitly vegan, fairtrade, or have an organic line of clothing.

Overall, Outdoor Voices is a very chic and moderately eco-friendly brand. However, there are far more eco-friendly yoga clothing brands within the same style level and price range. This would be a good brand for someone trying to be more eco-friendly but values looks over eco-friendliness. Because of these factors, three and a half stars out of five stars.