My Journey to Zero Waste Without Breaking the Bank: Update #2

This week I bought a couple items to further my journey to zero waste, but they weren’t expensive.

This week I bought a metal clean canteen water bottle that goes for about $20 usually but I got it on sale secondhand for $12. I try to avoid plastic water bottles for environmental reasons (which will be it’s own post) but also because they simply don’t stay cold throughout the day.

I also bought a metal cup with a lid and straw from amazon which is absolutely amazing! It keeps my water cold for hours! Usually I use plastic water bottles or disposable cups, but this is a nice change. Honestly I use it everyday now. It’s definitely a good investment.

This week I also bought a metal to go coffee mug. It’s a bit bit smaller than I expected but it does its job well. I also bought this on amazon. Next time I would buy a larger mug but I’m going to use this one for a while and see how it goes.